“Family Support Services” Fund

Dear Friends,

Our relationship with Saratoga Bridges began in October of 2000 when Danielle was just 10 months old and needed Early Intervention services. Since then, the agency has been a lifeline for us and we are exceedingly grateful to them. Now 16 years later, Danielle is a combination of numerous wonderful characteristics including being beautiful, smart, engaging, inquisitive, happy, polite, funny and affectionate. She is thriving in all aspects of her life!

Thanks to Saratoga Bridges, Danielle has received Service Coordination which allows her to explore what she wants to achieve and assists her in attaining these goals. She was the recipient of a laptop computer from their Family Reimbursement Program to ensure she can work independently and be successful in school. Danielle’s Individual Support Aide provides respite which gives us time to attend to other obligations while ensuring she is safely cared for by a well-trained staff member in our home. Also, Danielle participated in their week-long fun February break recreation program.

One of the activities Danielle enjoys most is their Whispering Willow Children’s Yoga classes. This gives her a chance to imitate poses, improve focus, increase concentration and showcase grace and flexibility. The two instructors Wendy Ashe and Peg Clark often use this quote, “Yoga helps children be strong, calm and keeps life in balance. It works and they love it!” We feel that the techniques she has learned over the past 6 years have calmed her body and mind. This is a great strategy for all areas in her life. We are grateful she has this opportunity to participate in a safe and nurturing space.

d-3-1Danielle says, “I look forward to Yoga as it helps me relax. I love Peg and Wendy. They are great Yoga instructors. I get to hang out with my friends and have fun. My favorite part is the meditation — I can almost fall asleep. I just love Yoga and hope they have it forever!”

As a former Board Member I had the privilege of making a difference. YOU have an opportunity to directly impact a child’s life like our Danielle’s. Every gift Saratoga Bridges receives through this campaign will be used for their programs listed on the back.

We encourage YOU to Simpy click on this Donate Now button to make a gift. YOU will enhance, enrich and transform lives.

On behalf of our family, we would greatly appreciate your generous support this holiday season.

We received lead gifts from the Spratt Family, Capital Fund of Saratoga County, Inc. & WGY totaling $6,500!






Donald and Debbie Baldwin








Saratoga Bridges offers the following programs that are not funded or just partially under the umbrella of Family Support Services. Please consider making a donation to ensure that their availability will continue in 2017!

Adult Social Club offers social and recreation community activities to people over 21 residing with their families or by themselves, are over 21 years old and Medicaid Waiver eligible. They plan their own local activities and programs and often times larger excursions on weekends.

Annual Autism Expo and Art Exhibit collaborates with the Parent Network of the Capital Region and Skidmore College to give over 800 attendees crucial resources and family oriented activities.

Autism Movement Therapy combines dance, music and exercise based experiences for children. They provide sensory integration aimed to improve behavioral, emotional, academic, social, speech and language skills.

Community Habilitation is designed to encourage community integration utilizing local resources for purposes of skill building based on an Individual Service Plan (ISP). Family members can be confident their child is safely cared for by well-trained staff. People enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver Program and deemed eligible for services by OPWDD may be considered depending upon availability of service hours. Individual Support Aides work directly with the individual and family to work on established goals.

Dinner & Discussion Club combines a meal and recreational activities for people on the Autism Spectrum. It is facilitated by our Behavior, Occupational and Speech Therapists. The participants enjoy collaborating while learning better cooperation, conversation, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Educational Advocate is responsible for informing families of laws and regulations pertaining to the Individual Education Plan, working closely with the child’s team to advocate for services and educational supports, connecting with school districts and conducting evening seminars.

Family Education and Training relays pertinent developmental disabilities issues including planning for the future, recreational options and relaxation. It is a Medicaid Waiver service for families to receive if they have a child who is OPWDD eligible and is under the age of 18. A parent/guardian is responsible for attending 1 to 2 seminars per year in order to maintain their child’s Medicaid if they are not receiving another waiver service. We work with AIM Services to offer minimally one seminar per month.

Family Reimbursement provides financial assistance to families for expenses incurred in caring for an individual living at home. These cash subsidies are not covered by Medicaid reimbursement or other insurance plans and assist with expenses for services or items such as additional respite coverage, IPads, clothing, tutoring, social skills programs, camp tuition, clinical therapies, travel expenses, swings, YMCA memberships, after school social programs and therapeutic horseback riding lessons.

Guardianship assists families in securing legal representation including the 17-A Guardianship Petition and provides information for lifelong planning services, insurance and estate planning.

The McDonald Family Resource and Discovery Center is located at our Administrative Building and contains sensory equipment, books, technology equipment, dvd’s, resource materials and a lending library.

Respite gives parents and families, who are responsible for primary care, welcome relief to renew and refresh themselves and to attend to other obligations. They can be confident their child is safely cared for by well-trained staff in their home. People enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver Program and deemed eligible for services by OPWDD may be considered depending upon availability of service hours. Individual Support Aides work directly with the individual and family to carry out the developed services.

SASSI (Specialized Autism Support Services for Individuals & their families) consists of Clinical Consultation including Behavioral, Speech and Occupational therapies and reimbursement funds.

Sibshops are recreational opportunities for brothers and sisters of children with special needs to express their feelings in a supportive group format.

Spectrum Link (formerly ASPIRe, NY) is a community based recreation group for teens and young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome and other high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders. Participants enjoy a variety of activities and learn safety awareness, self-defense, independent skill building and explore vocational choices.

Support Group is for family members with loved ones with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Whispering Willow Children’s Yoga promotes strength, flexibility, focus and concentration as well as a sense of tranquility and peace.

“On behalf of my family and all of the others Saratoga Bridges supports, thank you for your generosity during this holiday season.” d-1-lightened-cmykdanielletransparentblack