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Your family, friends and neighbors

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I am valued

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Making a difference

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Maximizing interests

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Sharing our Vision

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Enriching lives every day

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Every day is full of possibilities

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Nurturing relationships

Community partners

Enriching lives by providing opportunities and partnerships!

Saratoga Bridges has proudly provided the highest level of quality professional services to people with developmental disabilities and their families for more than 60 years.   Our services include a broad range of innovative and effective programs designed to foster independence by promoting their abilities and achievements. 

As one of the largest non-profit organizations in Saratoga County, Saratoga Bridges is committed to ensuring that individuals are able to realize their goals, hopes and dreams.  Our dedicated, conscientious, hard working and specially trained staff members offer person-centered opportunities combined with great compassion for people to work, volunteer, socialize and recreate in the community while leading full, productive and contributing lives.   

Our philosophy is that every day is full of possibilities!

Saratoga Bridges is a Chapter of NYSARC, Inc., the largest not-for-profit in New York State serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The 53 Chapters comprising NYSARC, Inc. are located in every county in New York State. The Organization supports over 60,000 individuals, employs over 30,000 people and has a membership of over 110,000.