Saratoga Bridges new website is unveiled

Welcome to the new online home of Saratoga Bridges. You may notice that we have given our site a bit of a facelift and could not be more proud to show it off.  It has been a wonderful exercise that has allowed us to re-examine what is most important to communicate to our loyal, supportive partners.

Many thanks to Kurt Freeman, Information Systems Implementation and Information Specialist, who spearheaded this project and to Interactive Media Consulting in Saratoga Springs, who have designed our beautiful new site.

In addition to a more streamlined experience, we have added a couple new features that have us glowing…

  • Find what you’re looking for quicker as the site is built to help you access information that matters to you.
  • Easier access to our Fundraising Events
  • News, stories, pictures and insights from the field will be current and updated several times a week.  This is the insider’s view we have been hearing you want.

We hope you’ll visit again over the coming days, weeks and months.  Because we absolutely care about your feedback, please send us any comments, suggestions and/or thoughts to us at or call Pamela Polacsek at (518) 587-0723 ext. 1255.

Saratoga Bridges is proud to provide highest level of services to 800 people with developmental disabilities and their families for more than 55 years by promoting their abilities and achievements.  Throughout our history, we have been committed to ensuring that individuals are able to realize their goals, hopes and dreams as they work, shop, play, and volunteer throughout their communities while leading full, productive and contributing lives. Our philosophy is that every day is full of possibilities!