Family Reimbursement Program reaps generosity

During the holiday season we were able to generate close to $12,000 for our Family Reimbursement Program!  In this initiative, family members are able to receive a cash subsidy to purchase services or items including additional respite coverage, IPads, clothing, tutoring, social skills programs, camp tuition, therapies, travel expenses and Equine therapy. 

Since 1990, our Family Reimbursement Program has made it possible for hundreds families, who have a loved one with a developmental disability living at home, to request financial support for expenses that are not covered by Medicaid or private insurance.  Most of these are children from 2-21 years old, with the majority under the age of 12.  

Individuals like Danielle, a 12 year old young lady with Downs Syndrome, receive funds that enhance their quality of life.  Danielle was able to purchase a laptop computer to ensure her school assignments are neat and organized, gives her the ability to research projects and allows her to work independently for the first time.  Danielle is thrilled as is her Mom.  Since computers are part of everyday life for students, she feels fortunate to be using a piece of technology in the same manner as all her peers.

As our agency continues to experience budget cuts while needs continue to increase, we are clearly concerned how this will impact families who often endure added physical, emotional and financial stress.  We greatly appreciate the following generous contributors who are making a difference:
Lead Gifts

Saratoga Casino & Raceway
Valley View Sanitation
Individual Gifts

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Altamari
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Anni
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beehner
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Bliss
Mr. E. D. Boice
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Bossert
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brady
Ms. Maureen Buhrmaster
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chambers
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Cocca
Ms. Linda Corbett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. DeSio
Rev. Joyce deVelder& Mr. David deVelder
Mr. & Mrs. Charles DiSanto
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Dooley
Mrs. Julia Dreimiller
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Driscoll
Ms. Jean Dugan
Drs. Lawrence & Rhonda Fein
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Fleuren
Mr. Robert Frawley
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Galarneau
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Galbraith
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory G. Gerwitz
Mr. & Mrs. Roland Giroux
Mr. & Mrs. James Grande
Mr. Edmund Grennon
Mr. & Mrs. William Hebert
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Heckler
Ms. Karen Heggen, Esq.
Mrs. Josephine Jaworski
Ms. Sue Jorgensen
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Lehane
Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. John Liberis
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. James Mackenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Martin
Dr. & Mrs. David Mastrianni
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Nowak
Mrs. Marguerite Oswitt
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Peck
Mr. Chester Piecuch
Ms. Berlyn Prudhomme
Mr. Ron Ravena
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Richman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robochik
Ms. Marcia Ross
Mr. Richard Rowland, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Sarno
Mr. & Mrs. John Sartoris
Ms. Laura Schriber
Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Senkulics, Sr.
Ms. Ronald Seyb & Ms. Grace Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Short
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Shupe
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Simons, Jr.
Ms. Jean Stamm
Ms. Ruth Van Dyke
Mr. & Mrs. Garry Waterman
Ms. Virginia Whitman
Mr. William Whitney
Reverend Gloria J. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. John Wyse
Mrs. Beverly Yunich
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zieniuk