Hummingbird Feeders!

Hummingbird Feeders


Just in time for spring, our individuals, like Rosalee, from the Ballston Spa Day Hab are constructing colorful hummingbird feeders that are a perfect bejeweled oasis and make a lovely addition to your garden or patio!  These beautiful items are pleasing to the human eye and to our feathered friends. 


Made from recycled baby food jars, polymer clay and beads, hummingbirds are attracted to their bright colors.  Individuals, like Tina, select the vibrant polymer clay colors, then roll and cut the clay to form flower shapes for the top of the jar.  Once the clay is baked, a hole is drilled into the top of the lid to provide the hummingbirds with access to the delicious nectar.  A recipe for the nectar is included inside each feeder.  Coordinating beads are placed on wire to create a decorative hanger.