$2,000 grant from Walmart Local Giving Program

Saratoga Bridges was awarded a $2,000 grant from Walmart’s Local Giving Program.  Dion Hazen, Manager of the Saratoga Springs Supercenter was instrumental in securing the grant.

The funds will allow us to purchase woodworking equipment for the Community Action Group (CAG) located at our Wilton Day Program.  As these items cannot be obtained through any of our other revenue streams, we must be proactive in seeking contributions.  The CAG was developed in early 2011 to provide a group of people who had challenging behaviors with opportunities to be involved in more productive, creative and functional activities.  The CAG became responsible for work orders at their site such as building and hanging shelves and constructing work benches and picnic tables.  The group exhibited true talent and began to participate in product development.  Since then, they have learned to build wooden wind chimes and bird houses and have enormous pride when they sell pieces.

Consequently, there have been significant decreases in overall behaviors and momentous increases in quality of life.  Individuals remain active, busy and no longer have non-productive days.  This is a huge factor for them as it is the first time in their lives they are producing positive results!  There are many other intellectual, social, emotional, psychological and physical benefits involved in the CAG as well.