2013 Membership Campaign

Our family is just like many others who receive services from Saratoga Bridges.  As we all truly care about the individuals the agency assists every day, we want you to know you can easily help.  By contributing $5 annually or $100 for a lifetime, YOU can become a Member of the agency.   


Matthew, Stephanie, Jacob and David with Grandparents Angela & Senator Roy McDonald

Membership offers Support and Education for families and Advocacy targeted toward local, state and national policy makers.  Success in this campaign will strengthen our voice at the state level for our constituents.  Also, your Membership ensures:

AWARENESS  increases our visibility throughout our local community

PRIVILEGE  gives you an association with the largest provider of services in Saratoga County
There are over 80,000 Members in the 55 NYSARC Chapters.  This represents the largest group of constituents in the United States and whose collective voice is crucial in keeping funding available for the vital services our individuals and their families need. 

As Saratoga Bridges has the 9th largest state membership, our 2013 goal is to increase from 2,237 to 3,000 Members.  Please join our efforts by reading our brochure and then returning your Membership form or online at https://fundraising.saratogabridges.org/membership2.asp.  We also ask that you forward the brochure and enrollment form to at least 10 people as well.  If you have any questions, please contact Deidre Lanphear at (518) 587-0723 ext. 1242 or dlanphear@saratogabridges.org. 

Thank you for your support and for empowering Saratoga Bridges! 


Angela, Roy, Stephanie, Matthew, Jacob and David