Congrats to Wendy Ashe, COTA, who received a NYSADSP Service Award!

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Wendy Ashe Debra Brennan Jacqueline Wright

(left to right) Debra Brennan, Assistant Director Day Services, Wendy Ashe and Jacqueline, Assistant Director of Day Services

We are thrilled to announce that Wendy Ashe, one of our Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA), was honored with a Leadership Award from New York State Association of Day Service Providers (NYSADSP) on Thursday, November 6 at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs!  One of 6 from across the state, Wendy was the winner chosen from the Central East Region.  This award recognizes Direct Support Professionals who provide strong and consistent leadership for direct support staff and exemplifies many of Wendy’s best qualities — initiative, passion, compassion, commitment, self-management, teamwork, intelligence, integrity, promotes independence, role model, professional, creative and innovative.


In her nomination form, Wendy was described as someone who comes to work every day ready to change the lives of others in any way she can.  Wendy has developed special relationships with many people because of her compassion.  She attends conferences to ensure her skills are top notch and then brings materials back to impart to her co-workers.  Wendy implements therapies that are innovatively individualized and combines a holistic approach to incorporate overall health and behavioral needs.  An example of this is the Yoga classes she teaches which people totally enjoy.  She has many talents that she shares with all that work with her.  At the Wilton Day Program she does a weekly “sing- a long” in which she plays guitar and truly gets everyone to sing-a-long.  Further, Wendy is the Vocal Director for ‘One Voice’ and definitely has a way of getting the best from our musical group.


Wendy states, “I pride myself on demonstrating good therapeutic use of self and the ability to relate to each other at each person’s own level.  This allows for relationships to be built and enhanced therapeutic treatment.  I try to find meaningful activities for every individual by encouraging independence and promoting pride in accomplishments — no matter how big or small.  I also try to make sessions fun, which helps to brighten both of our days and thoroughly  enjoy helping people know just how much they are valued and appreciated.   


We extend our Congratulations to Wendy!