Much loved Mary Frawley!

Mary Frawley


It is hard to believe that 20 years have passed away since our beloved Mary Frawley passed away.  For staff who knew and worked with her, Mary has left an indefinable imprint on their lives.  For many who did not have the priviledge of knowing her, Mary was the Day Treatment Program Director and a NYS Association Day Services Provider (NYSADSP) Board Member.  She was sincerely dedicated to the best interest of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Mary is sorely missed, but certainly not forgotten.  In fact, in 1995 NYSADSP developed a grant program in her memory entitled the “Mary Frawley Memorial Grants”.  Every year NYSADSP awards grants to provider members who submit proposals that will be used to develop new creative programming ideas that exemplify quality programming and identifies best practices.  Mary Frawley Memorial Grant winners are asked to present at the Annual Symposium to share these unique ideas so that other programs can also utilize these ideas in their own programs.  Saratoga Bridges has been fortunate to be the recipient of said grants.

Also, with generosity from her husband Bob, we have given out an agency Mary Frawley Scholarship since 1995 as well.  To be eligible staff need to be full-time and enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program that has a field of study that directly enhances the well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities.

We know that Mary would be so proud of these initiatives and their impact on the people we serve as well as other providers.  It is through these endeavors and staff members that Mary’s memory will last in perpetuity.