We wish Marc Brandt, Executive Director of NYSARC, Inc., best of luck!



After 32 years, Marc Brandt, Executive Director of NYSARC, Inc. is retiring.  We wish him many congratulations and best of luck on the next chapter of his life.  Read below what he wants to convey about his tenure at NYSARC, Inc. 


From the Executive Director

We Are Forever Bound Together

It’s been a great 32 years. Over that time, NYSARC has become my extended family. So, while I am leaving as your executive director, the bonds that hold me to you will always remain. In a few days, I will step back from my old role, not to retire from NYSARC, but to consider how best to pursue my new role as, like so many of you, an advocate for the cause we all hold so dear. And also like so many of you, I will use my new time to work on my existing roles as a husband, father, and proud grandparent.

All of us – grandparents, parents, families, committed volunteers, and professionals — are forever bound together. Like few other organizations in the world we are unique. Our families, individually, share a lifelong purpose rooted in the overpowering instinct to protect our own flesh and blood. That purpose binds us together and ultimately transcends any of our differences. Therein, lays our ability as advocates to shape the world around us.

Especially now it is important to keep all of this in mind. Now we are faced with challenges equal to those that faced us when we had nothing. Over the past 65 years that has changed. Now our primary task is protect what we’ve achieved. That will involve challenges and a clear recognition of the reality we currently face. That will not be easy. But with our ability to put our differences aside, we will both survive and thrive this trial of fire.

I know that we will be successful. I know that because of the strength of our connection to each other. I also know it because of the character, intelligence, and leadership ability of your new President, Laura Kennedy, and your new Executive Director, Steven Kroll. No two people could be more equal to the occasion. On their shoulders ride the future of this great Organization. All they need is your sense of greater purpose to step back, see the bigger picture and do whatever it takes to continue to care for thousands of children, families and loved ones who depend on us. We have been there for them for 65 years and we must be there for them for as long as they need us. That’s why we are here. That’s why none of us, including me, can ever leave NYSARC behind.

It hasn’t always been fun but it certainly always was interesting. Good luck….and make no mistake….I will always be watching!

Marc N. Brandt, Executive Director, NYSARC, Inc.