Our sincerest thanks to the Wright Family Foundation, Inc.

 Our sincerest thanks toWrightFamilyFoundation

Recently, Saratoga Bridges received a very generous grant of $20,000 from The Wright Family Foundation, Inc.,  which will make a significant impact locally on the lives of people with disabilities.  It will be used specifically for our community-based home on Grooms Road located in Clifton Park, NY.

In particular, these funds will give the 5 individuals who live there new front and rear ramps, a deck system and a vinyl lattice roof cover.  Due to the inclement weather conditions, these 20+ year old structures needed to be replaced.  The roof covering will avert the buildup of snow, reduce slippage in rainy, icy weather and avoid environmental debris.  The benefit for the individuals who use wheelchairs or have ambulatory issues will be able to remain safe while eliminating the possibility of falling.  The renovation will also will prevent injuries to our staff members.

Saratoga Bridges is most grateful for all of the ongoing support we have received from The Wright Family Foundation.  In 2004, a $50,000 grant was used towards the renovation of the agency’s Corinth Pallet and Production Facility where the individuals construct custom-sized hardwood pallets.  These improvements consisted of a new loading dock, kilns, covered wood storage area and building HVAC upgrades.  As a result, people are integrated in this pre-vocational program and are learning valuable employment skills that they hope to transition into competitively paid positions.  In 2011, Saratoga Bridges received a grant of $30,000 to construct The Wright Family Foundation Pavilion at our Wilton Day Program.  Prior to the construction project, the topography was prohibitive to many.

Now our objectives have been achieved in that individuals can experience and enjoy the natural surroundings of the property without concern for insects, precipitation or temperature.  The therapeutic, accessible area serves as an excellent means of increasing personal, daily living, recreational, communication and social skills.

We truly appreciate all of the ongoing support we have received from The Wright Family Foundation.  This grant will follow suit by enhancing the lives of the individuals we support who live, work and volunteer in our neighborhoods