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Our individuals from the McGregor Day Program have been actively involved in an exciting new project.  It is an international postcard exchange called POSTCROSSING.  So far, they have sent postcards to these countries — Austria, Bolivia, Canada, 2 to China, Denmark, 7 to Germany¸ India, Indonesia, Lithuania, 4 to Netherlands, 4 to Russia, Spain, 2 to Taiwan and 3 within the USA.                         




Once they signed up, Creative Endeavors created a post card for them of the collaborative torn cardboard collage “Horseman Playing Polo.”  Then they hung a world map on their wall and put push pins in when they receive post cards.  They have received 27 of them from – 2 from Belgium, 2 from Brazil, China, 2 from Czech Republic, Estonia, France, 5 from Germany, Netherlands, 6 from Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, 2 from Ukraine and USA.


It is reaping great results as the individuals are learning about geography and different cultures.  They anxiously await the mail and look forward to what it will bring!