Our extreme thanks to Stewart’s Shops!


Saratoga Bridges recently received a grant of $2,000 from the Stewart’s Holiday Match Program.  We will be utilizing the funds to augment our Family Reimbursement Program which falls under our umbrella of Family Support Services.


(left to right) Darrell Rockwell, Stewart’s Shops Manager at the Northline Road, Heather Varney, Saratoga Bridges Development and Foundation Director and Valerie Muratori Saratoga Bridges Executive Director.

In particular, we will be apply the grant towards our Family Reimbursement Program which provides families, who care for a loved one with a developmental disability living at home, with a cash subsidy to assist with expenses not covered by other resources, or take inordinate time to be approved.   These may comprise of services or items including additional respite coverage, IPads, clothing, tutoring, camp tuition, travel expenses, swings, YMCA memberships, afterschool social programs, therapeutic swimming and horseback riding lessons, Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, therapeutic equipment, sensory items, books, weighted blankets, diapers, yard fences, rent, glasses and conference fees.  100% of the funds will designated towards these cash subsidies.

A committee of family members and professionals reviews, discusses and prioritizes each request while Saratoga Bridges staff acts as the oversight agency.  This process ensures due diligence is conducted and achieved.  This Stewart’s Holiday Match Program grant will relieve the physical, emotional and financial stress for several families.

 Additionally, Saratoga Bridges is thrilled that Stewart’s Shops donated $5,000 to be a Featured Sponsor for our 2015 fundraising season.  For over two decades, Stewart’s Shops has supported Saratoga Bridges and our programs.  As needs continue to increase for people with developmental disabilities and families, the agency must obtain vital funds.  Saratoga Bridges is committed to keeping its crucial services intact for individuals and their families living in Saratoga County.

Valerie Muratori expresses the entire agency’s appreciation, Saratoga Bridges is extremely appreciative to Stewart’s Shops. They have continuously demonstrated that they develop partnerships with area non-profit organizations by providing not only grants and donations, but have shown a willingness to hire people with disabilities. Their philanthropic support has benefited Saratoga Bridges immensely. Corporate donations allow us to provide vital programs and services for over 830 individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. With our state and federal revenue streams decreasing, we are even more reliant on businesses such as Stewart’s Shops. Every community in which they are located is very fortunate as they truly enhance people’s lives!”