Tedisco to Cuomo — Higher Wages for DSP’s

Assemblyman Tedisco

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Tune into Time Warner Cable Channel 9 at 8pm and at 11:30pm tonight as Assemblyman Jim Tedisco says it’s time to talk about pay rates for healthcare workers with regards to the wages for fast food workers going up!

Tedisco to Governor: Act Now to Prevent a Crisis for New York’s Developmentally Disabled. His letter can be read HERE

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Assemblyman Tedisco (R,C,I-Glenville) is calling on Governor Cuomo to prevent a staffing crisis by using some of the expected state budgetary windfall to help provide the highest level of care for thousands of New Yorkers with developmental disabilities by increasing services for clients and support for the professionals who directly care for them.

“The role of state government is to have spending priorities and those should begin with protecting our most vulnerable citizens in the state budget. Currently, our ARCs and those agencies that provide direct care to the developmentally disabled are facing enormous pressure to find qualified employees and keep them in their jobs to provide the consistency of care their clients deserve,” said Tedisco.

Tedisco noted he’s been told the decision by the state Wage Board to mandate a $15 per hour minimum wage for fast food workers is already having a chilling effect on the ability of ARCs and related human services agencies to recruit and retain a skilled and talented workforce to care for people with developmental disabilities.

“To recruit and retain hard-working and compassionate direct care workers, the state must give a higher level of support to those individuals,” said Tedisco.