We recently received a GLOBALFOUNDRIES-Town of Malta Foundation grant


GLOBALFOUNDRIES Malta Foundation Awards - 2016 A

Our individuals were thrilled to join in the Check Ceremony Presentation to accept the award. It is our privilege to promote the mission, purpose and philanthropic initiatives they make to innumerable local charities.

Saratoga Bridges received an $11,700 grant from the GLOBALFOUNDRIES-Town of Malta Foundation for a kitchen refurbishment project at our home on Meadow Rue Place in Malta.  We will be addressing items such as purchasing appliances and fixtures that are energy efficient and replacing the flooring, countertops, cabinets and medical closet.

When the agency purchased the house in 2000, it was 13 years old.  Initially we spent $17,000 in modifications.  Since then, we painted, installed a fire alarm, purchased a new furnace and replaced some carpeting.  However, we were not able to update the kitchen at that time.  Now, 15 years later, the kitchen has had wear and tear.

The agency prides itself on being proactive in assuring that the Residential Program is not just a group of institutional-modeled facilities for consumers, residents, clients or service recipients or work sites for staff members.  Rather, they are homes where people can be who they are, feel love, comfort and security, rejoice in happy, successful occasions and console each other in times of sadness.  As in any neighborhood, our homes are a reflection of the people who reside in them.  While Saratoga Bridges provides oversight, upkeep and support, we fervently believe it is the individuals who live in these houses that make them a home.  Quite simply, they are your neighbors and friends!

The 4 unique, capable men who live in the home on Meadow Rue Place love living there.  They state collectively, “We are just like any other family!”  Each day they strive to reach their hopes and dreams.   Living in their home gives them numerous opportunities to feel valued, proud and actively involved in the Malta area community.

Again, we truly appreciate all of the ongoing support we have received from the GLOBALFOUNDRIES-Town of Malta Foundation.  The grant we received follows suit by enhancing the lives of the individuals we support who live, work and volunteer in our neighborhoods.  The foundation truly makes an impact locally on the lives of people with disabilities throughout our community.