Thank you Quad Graphics!

quad-clean-up-wordsWe want to express our gratitude to a great Community Connections team from Quad/Graphics who volunteered for a Fall cleanup project at 2 of our homes!  They graciously spent part of a Saturday morning raking, blowing and picking up leaves and getting the properties ready for winter.

Founder (1936-2002) Harry V. Quadracci had this to say about the Corporate Social Responsibility he fostered,”A company, like a child, takes on a life of its own. What the whole becomes is determined by the knowledge, experience, ideas and sweat of individuals joined in the common enterprise. Like the humans from whom it evolves, the new life needs to be nurtured continually in soul and mind and body.”

Plant Director Dan Frankowski who volunteered with his family says, “By giving back to the community, we create bridges between one another, so our work and personal life are related. It shows what we can do when we take care of one another.” 










Thank you Quad Graphics for your ongoing support!