We need your help!

We are requesting that you contact our local legislators (please refer to this list) with regards to Governor Cuomo’s proposed 2017 Budget.  You can use the info below or craft your own message.  It is CRUCIAL that we encourage our legislators to emphatically advocate to the Governor for FAIR LIVING WAGES for our DSPs!

Saratoga Bridges is extremely disappointed with Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget!  He has not incorporated any funding to provide an increase of a FAIR LIVING WAGE for our dedicated, hard-working, compassionate Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).  This is our #1 issue as it pertains to the huge vacancies our agency is experiencing as well as all the others who provide similar services and programs across New York state.

While we are fortunate that our local legislators support our #bfair2directcare initiative, we must implore that you strongly plead our concerns to Gov. Cuomo.  Can we count on you to help us advocate for FAIR LIVING WAGES for DSPs?  Their work each and every day is not glamourous – however, we are very proud of them as they selflessly ensure people with disabilities are safe content and are able to live full, productive lives.      

Thank you for your support.