Governor Cuomo FAILED to include funding in his 30-day amendments to pay our DSPs a FAIR LIVING WAGE!   We cannot let the Governor off the hook.

By IGNORING and REFUSING to support #bFair2DirectCare MUST HAVE our State Assemblymen and Senators put $45 million in their one-house budgets and fight to ensure it’s included in the final adopted budget.

They have been supportive, but need to see #bFair2DirectCare as a top priority and that we are watching. At the same time, we must keep pressure on the Gov. For funding to be included in the final budget, the Governor, Senate and Assembly all must agree on each item.

Please encourage parents, DSPs and individuals to use this LIST to call them in their Offices.  Feel free to use this as an example:

I am calling on behalf of the bFair2DirectCare Campaign for a FAIR LIVING wage for the staff who support individuals with developmental disabilities. We are grateful for the support of our legislators have shown, but need you to include $45 million in your one-house budget and to not leave Albany without this in the final state budget.  Please stand up in your conference and speak in favor of the bFair2DirectCare funding, which is critical to the health, safety and well-being of people with developmental disabilities. It is the RIGHT thing to do for our dedicated, compassionate DSPs.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Pamela Polacsek at or 587-0723 ext. 1255.

Thank you for advocating for our hardworking, conscientious DSPs!