The Alfred Z. Solomon Media & Computer Training Center

The Alfred Z. Solomon Charitable Trust awarded Saratoga Bridges a very generous grant to create the Alfred Z. Solomon Media & Computer Training Center at our Alpha building on our main campus.  With this gift, we are honoring Mr. Solomon’s legacy in perpetuity by valuing his funding priorities.

It has been determined that computers have significant and profound benefits for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Since a computer itself is an engaging piece of technology, it allows the user to be on an equal playing field and to have full access to the information world.  The Alfred Z. Solomon Media & Computer Training Center is improving employment, programmatic, social and recreational opportunities in a fun learning environment.  We are providing technical assistance, support and training by utilizing specialized software and adaptive hardware to ensure that the equipment is fully accessible to individuals with various cognitive, communicative, and physical disabilities.

We are focusing on skill development to increase employment and life skills in the community.  As younger adults entering our programs have been utilizing assistive technology and computers throughout their education, it is essential to have computers available so they can continue and expand learned skills.  Likewise speech, physical and occupational therapies can be enhanced with computer based therapies.  Some of the marketable and job-seeking strategies include:

  • Promoting job readiness and job seeking skills (resume writing, keyboarding & computer training)
  • Offering classes in data entry, word processing, and email usage
  • Improving cognitive abilities, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Increasing social and community involvement
  • Developing creative talents
  • Enjoying print programs, games and Internet access

More importantly, individuals are able to enrich and enhance their lives directly with The Alfred Z. Solomon Media & Computer Training Center.  The outcomes are resulting in more community inclusion and employment opportunities.The Alfred Z. Solomon Media & Computer Training Center is available for our employees as well by offering expanded training on the most updated equipment.  This is improving their efficiency, increase their productivity and enhance their communication skills to better meet the needs of the people on more individualized and personal basis.  They are able to research activities and community information for new opportunities.  By incorporating a multi-media area, staff members are able to partake in webinars that further educate them on subjects dealing with developmental disabilities.  As a result, they do not have to spend time and money to travel to offsite venues for training.