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Bus Monitor

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Job Name: Bus Monitor

SALARY: $11.10/hr

POSITION STATUS: 37.5 Hours/Week, 52 Weeks/Year Transportation

QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or GED preferred.


Assist individuals (OPWDD and OMH) on and off vehicles and monitor their activities while being transported. Vehicle assignment may change at the discretion of the Transportation Director. Reports directly to the Transportation Director in regard to Agency policies and procedures.


1. Performs all job duties on various vehicles and routes as assigned each day by the Dispatcher.

2. Assists individuals on and off vehicles.

3. Monitors the activity of individuals while they are being transported and intervenes as situation dictates.

4. Ensures that personal belongings of person being transported are properly placed on and removed from vehicle.

5. Participates in and attends mandated in-service training programs.

6. Adheres to general health and safety practices, policies and procedures by:

a. Performs Behavior Management (SCIP) when necessary.

b. Performs seizure precautions and intervenes when necessary.

c. Performs first aid procedures when necessary.

d. Ensures that each individual is safely seated and secured in his/her wheelchair or seat.

e. Properly secures wheelchairs in place.

f. Ensures safe entry and exit from vehicle.

g. Performs and demonstrates a knowledge of proper emergency evacuation procedures.

h. Ensures that all individuals are transferred to and from the vehicles in an appropriate and safe manner.

7. Performs pre and post trip duties including, but not limited to,

a. cleaning bus by sweeping, dusting and washing seats and windows.

b. checking wheelchair straps and immediately reporting missing or broken straps or defective equipment to the mechanics.

c. checking first aid and OSHA kits and re-supplying if necessary.

d. reviewing all passenger information in passenger profile book for assigned route. Taking books on and off bus. Updates information in passenger profile book on a regular basis.

8. Reports all incidents or accidents by completing an incident report form upon completion of run.

9. Performs all job duties in a safe manner by observing all Agency safety rules procedures and practices.