Office Manager

Office Manager

Job Name: Office Manager

The Office Manager supports the Administration and program staff in all secretarial and clerical duties, with the support of a Secretary for the Wilton Day Services team. This is a 35 hour, Monday through Friday position. We offer great benefits. The best thing about working at Saratoga Bridges is the relationships we have with the people we provide supports to. So come Discover the Rewards at Saratoga Bridges.

In this role you some of your responsibilities will be;

  • Supervise and evaluate the secretarial staff, assist with their duties
  • Be responsible for the records, maintenance and storage of the records of the people we provide supports to along with following HIPAA rules
  • Document and maintain the money of the people we support, petty cash, special activities, and various committee monies.
  • Maintain the staff “call-in” journal
  • Maintain attendance records and billing documentation needed by the business office
  • Schedules and Maintains correspondence related to the people we support
  • Responsible for ordering office supplies
  • Manages Saratoga Bridges’ entries into the OPWDD service delivery system by access CHOICES electronic record keeping/sharing system. This could include enrolling or withdrawing people, updates, and scanning documents
  • Assists with minor computer concerns
  • Oversee the maintenance of the participant roster of attendance and maintains daily and monthly statistics for Day Services
  • Assists with procedures for evacuation
  • Answers telephones, monitors the building entrance, greets guests, keeps office and meeting areas, along with the front lobby neat and professional

You must have a;

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • NYS Driver’s License
  • 2 years of secretarial experience
  • Supervisory experience in an office setting preferred
  • Proficiency in computer skills required

Payrate:$14.30 per hour