Residential Administrative Assistant

Residential Administrative Assistant

Job Name: Residential Administrative Assistant

The Residential Administrative Assistant supports the Director of Residential Services and Residential Administrative staff in all secretarial and clerical duties. This is a 35 hour, Monday through Friday position. We offer great benefits. The best thing about working at Saratoga Bridges is the relationships we have with the people we provide supports to. So come Discover the Rewards at Saratoga Bridges.

Some of your job responsibilities will be;

  • Assist the Assistant Directors in training new managerial staff in, but not limited to, Incident management, money policies, Therap, FTE reports, and Kronos.
  • Collects, tracks various reports that are due the end of day payroll Monday.
  • Tracks according to deadlines, reports out on, and sends past due notices for pharmacy reviews, cell phone logs, generator checks, weekly vehicle check forms, trip verification forms, and food logs
  • Prepares and distributes meeting agendas and minutes to appropriate employees within deadlines
  • Collects and submits weekly billing for approval – Copies files and submits to the business office
  • Copies and distributes monthly billing for the Assistant Director of Residential Services (ADRS)
  • Tracks job performance evaluations that are submitted and sends out list of evaluations due for next month
  • Maintains filing for a variety of forms within deadlines
  • Maintains and updates designated shoppers list monthly and Approved medical Administration Personnel (AMAP) and house key code lists as needed
  • Collects, tracks, distributes, and send out past due notices for monthly staff meeting minutes
  • Maintains and updates on call schedules and residential rotation phone list
  • Collects, tracks, distributes, and sends out past due notices for a variety of forms, evaluations, meeting minutes according to specified timelines – some examples are Staff job performance evaluations, staff meeting minutes, fire drill reports including administrative drills, counseling notices, monthly summaries, house schedules, and float staff review sheets
  • Maintains the residential shared drive, updating and disseminating policies
  • Tracks 811’s submission, and pour sheets
  • Reviews employees’ training records monthly and generates list of whose training has expired/is about to expire

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $14.30 per hour