Transportation Coordinator

Transportation Coordinator

Job Name: Transportation Coordinator


The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for supervising, scheduling and the assigning of Bus Drivers, Van Drivers and Bus Monitors on a daily basis. This person prepares and files various written reports, and performs the duties of the Transportation Director in their absence. Discover the Rewards at Saratoga Bridges.

In this position some of your responsibilities are:


  • Recruits, trains, and supervises transportation employees
  • Prepares and presents performance evaluations for Van Drivers, Bus Monitors, and the Secretary/Dispatcher
  • Monitors employee attendance and requests for time off
  • Assigns routes to Substitute Drivers and/or Monitors as needed
  • Observes Drivers for fitness to drive in accordance with the Agency’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Ensures employees are scheduled for and complete all required training


  • Transmits and monitors radio communication between Saratoga Bridges vehicles and the Transportation Department
  • Drives vans and buses and needed
  • Develops and maintains vehicle route assignments to ensure sufficient seating and/or wheelchair positions
  • Monitors loading and unloading times at program sites

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Notifies contact at person’s home, of transportation scheduling problems or changes resulting from breakdowns, inclement weather, or other emergencies
  • Answers incoming phone calls
  • Participates in Agency Safety Training Program
  • Performs secretarial duties as assigned using a computer, including but not limited to, updating route directions, route stops, and attendance.
  • Processes all intake and discharge forms for the people we transport
  • Oversees the preparation and maintenance of 5310 reports
  • Responsible for keeping the Passenger Profile Book updated

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $17.35 per hour