Manage document sharing

Manage document sharing

Sharing our files with one another is how we use the information we collect in this agency.  Keeping track of and knowing how to manage the sharing links we send to each other is very important to keeping the PHI we deal with safe.  This page shows the places where you can see who a document is shared with, where permission levels are set and available for adjustment, and how to remove access from others who no longer need the PHI you have been sharing with them.  

First, let’s see who this document is being shared with.  The arrow shows where you find this information.

Next, click three dots shown under arrow 1 to open the box that lets you see and make changes to the settings.  The second arrow shows where the other settings are located.

Here’s where you manage access to the document.

Finally, this is where you find the settings for managing the kind of access somebody has to the document.  You can also remove access entirely from this screen.