Office 365 Tour- How to change your Password

Changing our password requires leaving the home page, so it is a good idea if we plan our return route first.  You will see a star below your name.  Click this.


The star on the top part of the browser window near your name allows you to follow the site you are visiting.  Following sites adds them to your site collection much like “favorites”, “bookmarks”, or “shortcuts”.  The sites you follow will be collected in the SharePoint site collection.

You can find the SharePoint Site Collection Dashboard by clicking the quick link panel across the top of the browser:

The home page now added to your site collection, you may now change your password.  First, open the panel where you see your name:


You will see that the Security & Privacy tab has the password reset option:

If you do not see the SharePoint link on the quick link panel, try to locate it in the App Launcher.

Continue to the next section to learn how the SharePoint app gathers your site collection and gives you a path back to the home page, the employee portal.