Office 365 Tour- How to get back to the Employee Portal in SharePoint

Links shown below the Folders group on the left side of the home screen point to document libraries where files are stored.

These libraries replace the K: drive’s departmental ^private_folders, as well as the S: drive’s _public_folder in the network we’re leaving behind with this move to Office 365.  More on this shortly.

Returning to the home screen after leaving it to work with files in the document libraries is easy if you look for the cues shown below.

You can return to the employee portal’s home screen from wherever you are on the site.

Some pages have the Saratoga Bridges logo:


Other pages have a link above the site tile:

And, you will find buttons linking back to the home page throughout the site collection.

The next section shows another way to return to the home page using SharePoint’s site collection dashboard.  Knowing how to use the site collection can make going between document libraries and other parts of the site easier.  Changing your password is a practical task that allows us to make use of this knowledge, so let’s move ahead to the next step in this tour.