Office 365 Tour- Using the Sign Out Utility

If you are away from your usual work site, it is important to let people know where you are in the event of an emergency.  The Sign Out Utility is a tool for this task.  If you are an emergency contact person, please include your expected location(s), cell phone/beeper number, and an alternate contact if someone is unable to contact you with your cell phone or beeper.

Here is how you create a sign out:

Next, a form will open for you to record the details of the sign out:

How do I find out where people are?

The link to the list of staff currently signed out is in the row of green buttons along the top of the home page:

How do I sign in or adjust my departure or return time?

Open the sign out listing using the Sign Out Utility button shown above, then locate your name on the table:

Next, either sign in by clicking the Now button, then Save, or adjust the drop downs for time, then click Save: