Day Services

Saratoga Bridges offers a variety of Day Services for adults over 21 years old with developmental disabilities and are eligible to receive Medicaid Waiver Services.  Presently our community-based sites are located in Wilton, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa and Malta.  Each one of these options emphasizes the same philosophy in that our role is to support individuals reach their greatest possible potential, to pursue their dreams and to have a full, productive and active life.  By examining the whole person, their capabilities, relationships, job skills, home life and hobbies, we aim to be the impetus for them to discover and achieve personal goals.

We focus on the process of providing people with the means to develop maximum independence of daily living through training or treatment including cognitive, social, fine motor, gross motor and communication skills.  Each day our highly trained and experienced staff members engage individuals in crafts, cooking, music, exercise, computers and reading.  They choose an activity based on interest and strive to meet their valued outcomes.  We also offer creative activities that may include art, music, woodworking, acting and gardening.  Further, we are proud to promote a culture that allows individuals to find their own voice by facilitating self-advocacy groups.

The other main objective of our Day Services is to achieve a strong committed presence through an active schedule of daily volunteerism.  Staff members create new community connections or utilize established partners that allow our individuals to demonstrate their many contributions while making a significant impact in their communities.

For more information about Day Services, please contact Julianne Furlong at or 518-871-9483.