Residential Options: Your Neighbors

A house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made of love alone!

Our homes are where people live like any family does.  They can be who they are, feel love, comfort and security, rejoice in happy, successful occasions and console each other in times of sadness.  As in any neighborhood, our homes are a reflection of the people who reside in them.  While Saratoga Bridges provides oversight, upkeep and support, we fervently believe it is the individuals who live in these houses that make them a home.  Quite simply, we are your neighbors and friends!

Vicky, who lives in one of our homes, is featured reaching a goal as part of our Magic Moments’ campaign.  Our individuals succeed with support from our dedicated, compassionate and encouraging staff members like Lucia Valentine.

For more information about Residential Services, please contact Anthony Hanson at or 518-587-0723 ext. 1230.