Participating in Community Activities

Every day you can find our individuals engaged in community life.  They have memberships at the Y, go out for meals, attend concerts, go to the movies, partake in local activities, play bingo, handle their own banking, grocery shop and enjoy cultural events.  Many of our homes are situated in neighborhoods that provide many opportunities where people can easily walk, bike and shop.  Our goal is to maintain schedules that are fulfilling.  As a result, people are busy engaging in other varied activities including swimming, horseback riding, soccer, skiing, golf, rock climbing, bowling, reading, camping, computers and electronic games.

More importantly, they willingly give back to their neighbors and their communities.  Gary spends many Saturdays volunteering for the HOPE Animal rescue and the Saratoga County Animal Shelter annex at Clifton Park Center.  He returns bottles for their deposits so the facilities can reduce their spading and neutering costs.  Gary also helps deliver donated dog and cat food.  He is an active participant in his church.  Gary can be found doing yard work and cleaning and setting up for church functions.