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Corinth Pallet and Production Facility

In 2007, we opened the Corinth Pallet and Production Facility on 726 County Rt. 24 in Corinth to expand the size of the operation, upgrade the kilns, build a covered loading dock, increase storage area and install a more adequate heating and cooling system.  The 2 kilns are housed in 44’ insulated trailers and are designed to utilize waste material as fuel for drying firewood.  Employees construct custom-sized pallets for local and regional businesses for shipment of their products.  They are involved in cutting lumber on band saws, cutoff saws and notchers to specifications that are assembled with pneumatic nailers.

ENPAC Pallet, a minority-owned custom pallet recycler, leases part of the building to create a unique partnership for vocational programs under one roof.  The benefits of this arrangement include significant savings from items being purchased in larger quantities, utilizing all waste materials to dry firewood and heat the building (which results in decreased utility expenses) and the ability to load and unload kilns utilizing a forklift instead of by hand (which reduces manufacturing time).

For more information about the Corinth Pallet and Production Facility, please contact Julius Enekes at or 518-654-9976.