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Dear Friends,

As Saratoga Bridges 20202021 MEMBERSHIP AMBASSADOR, I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy.

When I first started working for Saratoga Bridges, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life.  I quickly learned that I was an essential part of a team – working 24 hours a day to ensure their safety and comfort while enriching their lives.  I was excited to go to work every day knowing I was empowering people to pursue their life goals in innovative ways.

Consequently, I attribute many of my own personal triumphs to the positions I had at Saratoga Bridges. As a Day Habilitation Assistant, I saw that each person has unique circumstances which must be respected and followed by every staff member working with him/her. Being a Service Coordinator, I witnessed how challenging it can be for families to navigate the service-delivery system on their own, where to obtain vital resources, how difficult it can be to obtain necessary services due to budgetary cuts and staffing shortages and that our individuals need social, emotional and academic opportunities just like anyone else. And, as a Residential Coordinator, I discovered that staff truly are extended family – planning birthday parties, going on vacation, celebrating holidays and much more.

Even though I took a position in Albany, I carry a wealth of knowledge from these experiences. You can imagine how honored I was to be asked to join the Board of Directors as I have been able to retain my friendships while elevating the best opportunities possible on a more macro level.

I wholeheartedly believe our individuals must have access to critical supports needed to thrive. Due to the current state budgetary challenges and potential further cuts forthcoming, it is crucial we all remain proactive in advocating for the indispensable funding required to ensure we continuously deliver the highest level of excellent services. MEMBERS strengthen our state-wide voice, raise our visibility, create partnerships and collaborations in the community.

This year more than ever, I encourage you to join me at ONLINE and recruit your circle to do the same.  For just $5 annually or $100 for a lifetime membership, you assist your neighbors, family and friends like Billy, Tiffany, Donna and Mikael (clockwise below) become successful. With a goal of increasing from 4,026 to 4,500 MEMBERS, we can remain one of The Arc NY’s Top 10 Chapters. If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Polacsek at 518.587.0723 ext. 1255 or

Thank you for empowering our individuals. As a result, you truly will be a Difference Maker!

Stay safe, well and connected,

Kelley Morency