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Dear Family and Friends,

Our relationship with Saratoga Bridges first began when our son Louis participated in their Saturday Respite & Recreation children’s  program  at  the  Southern  Saratoga  YMCA.    We started attending their family training workshops and gained valuable information that benefited us as parents of a child with special needs. When we sought the most suitable and reputable organization to provide daily activities for Louis, we chose their Clifton Park Program. And, when we were looking for a community-based home for Louis, we were confident that the many vital factors most important to us would be addressed by their dedicated, hard-working staff and leadership who have been operating a quality-run agency for over 60 years.

This is why we are proud to be the 2018-2019 MEMBERSHIP AMBASSADORS! We, along with our children (left to right in the photo) Andrew, Julianne, Louis and Nicolas, encourage you to become a MEMBER as well so every individual has the critical supports he or she needs to thrive. Although there are state and federal budgetary challenges, it is crucial we all remain proactive in advocating for essential funding to ensure Saratoga Bridges can continuously deliver the highest level of excellent services. We believe that if we educate our stakeholders, strengthen our state-wide voice, raise our visibility and collaborate throughout the community, our family members will succeed.

Karly, Matt and Louis went to elementary school together and have since maintained their friendship. The 3 old friends shared many laughs when they were together over Memorial Day weekend.

By contributing $5 annually to become a MEMBER or $100 to be a LIFETIME MEMBER, you will support your neighbors, co- workers, family and friends like Louis. Our 2018-2019 goal is to increase from 3,739 to 4,000 MEMBERS and remain one of The Arc NY’s Top 10 Chapters.  We request that you encourage your family and friends to consider making a gift ONLINE or return this FORM.  If you have any questions, please contact Pamela Polacsek at 518.587.0723 ext. 1255 or

Thank you for empowering Saratoga Bridges. Your support of their mission will enrich, enhance and elevate lives. As a result, you truly will be a DIFFERENCE MAKER!





 Mary Jo and Joy William Hebert