What is a volunteer?

Volunteers are individuals (other than paid Agency Staff ) of at least 15 years of age who offer to help the Agency without pay or benefits. They may be assisting on their own or sponsored by a school or other organization. These individuals might assist the Agency for a single event, job shadow with staff for one or two days, complete an internship over several months, or volunteer for extended periods. All such volunteers must be under close supervision of an experienced, trained employee (as defined by OPWDD regulations) and within the proximity (earshot) of experienced staff at all times. These individuals may assist with certain minor tasks (e.g., bringing lunches to consumers, helping with sing-a longs, etc) but are not to engage in tasks meant for trained staff such as lifting or driving consumers, performing toileting or other very personal care which require privacy for people receiving services. Volunteers cannot be assigned to work at a residential facility during a typical overnight shift.