We are celebrating the 9th Annual DIRECT SUPPORT PROFESSIONALS Week


September 11-17, 2016 is designated as Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week which provides an opportunity to honor, showcase and express appreciation to thousands of dedicated, hardworking and skilled staff members.  DSP Recognition Week is part of the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) National Advocacy Campaign.

“Saratoga Bridges is thrilled to celebrate DSP Week as it gives us a chance to say THANK YOU to our staff members who are devoted to the people we support each and every day,” says our Executive Director Valerie Muratori.  She added, “We are honoring them throughout the week with various activities.  Our dedicated employees give their creativity, energy and passion to their positions, but are often unrecognized throughout the community.  They provide invaluable services to persons with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities 24/7, 365 days a year and are responsible for their health, safety and emotional well-being.  By encouraging them to live more meaningful, enriched, productive and independent lives, they truly make a difference.”  Furthermore, Ms. Muratori says, “It is extremely important to remind our legislators and policymakers that our workforce is essential and inasmuch their wages must be competitive!  We have been fervently advocating to our elected officials to give us the financial resources in which to do so.”


Every day, more than 75,000 DSPs across NYS support individuals with developmental disabilities live richer lives.  During Direct Support Professionals Week, organizations nationwide pay special tribute to these professionals as they exemplify the NADSP Code of Ethics by promoting:

  • Person-Centered Supports
  • Physical and Emotional Well-Being
  • Integrity and Responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Justice, Fairness and Equity
  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Self-Determination
  • Advocacy

ANCOR is a national trade association representing more than 1,000 private providers of community living and employment supports and services to more than 600,000 individuals with disabilities.  ANCOR provides organization, professional, leadership development and networking opportunities and services and is continually working toward partnerships and collaborations that support their mission, which is to advance the ability of their members in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fully participate in their communities.