Creative Endeavors Arts Center

In 2004, the Backroom Artists started in a classroom at our Alpha building for a small group of people who wanted to explore the fine arts.  They began working on paintings and drawings and were able to discover their creative potential.  The agency recognized the importance of having art opportunities available and decided to step outside our conventional way of providing services.  Because the activities proved to be so successful, an Art Coordinator was hired in 2006 and staff began looking for space large enough to expand the program.

Our Creative Endeavors Arts Center is located on our Administrative Campus – 16 Saratoga Bridges Boulevard in Ballston Spa.  Through the efforts of our Art Coordinator Winnie Pino and staff, we have been able to provide our individuals with a studio to hone their creativity.  For more information or to inquire about purchasing artwork, please contact Winnie at or 518-587-0723 ext. 2634.  She can discuss with you the paintings, photographs, note cards and other works of art created by our talented individuals. 

The benefits of our art programs have the capability to discover and nurture their artistic talents to help guide and extract their true potential, increase productivity, augment overall ability, advance self-confidence, gain another avenue of expression and improve communication skills.  The artwork presents an outlet for emitting emotions that are otherwise difficult to verbalize.  Most importantly, the arts have the ability to equalize the playing field so that people with significant disabilities can participate at varying degrees.  It becomes quite apparent when artists participate in craft fairs or exhibits.  They delight in having a chance to talk about their process and are ecstatic when they sell a piece of artwork.  We are able to increase awareness of our individuals’ talents which promotes positive perceptions.

Creative Endeavors Art Center
16 Saratoga Bridges Boulevard
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Phone (518) 587-0723 ext. 2634