Our homes

All of our homes are in attractive, safe neighborhoods throughout Saratoga County. They blend into their surroundings inconspicuously and are always highly maintained. At Saratoga Bridges we believe a home is an essential part of a person’s life. Our goal is for each home to become part of the daily rhythm of the community where it is located.

Presently, we have 18 homes that offer a full range of different living arrangements with 24 hour supervision. Some of them are larger — while some are smaller. In many, people have their own bedroom. However, just like in any home, sometimes individuals share bedrooms. Every day they share the household chores and make decisions with regards to their house whether it is where they want to go out to eat or to take part in other activities. Together, they celebrate happy occasions and special times while comforting and supporting one another during difficult days. The people they live with become a close-knit family unit while they maintain ties with their family members and friends.

People strive to maximize their independence while living, working, recreating, volunteering and socializing within their environments. Our highly trained staff members support individuals by working on communication, decision and social skills development within and outside of their homes while offering meticulous attention to each person’s interests. People work on becoming good citizens and meaningful, active and involved members of their community. As a result, the relationships they develop ensure that they are valued, productive, proud members of their household and of society.