Creative Endeavors Exhibits and Shows

Creative Endeavors Art Center is pleased to announce our newest virtual Art Show!

Below are new pieces created by our talented artists who live in our Washington Street home.

Meet our artists

Donna DiBacco has lived in Saratoga Springs for 36 years. She enjoys spending time in downtown coffee shop and making jewelry. Most of all, Donna is known to express herself through her acrylic paintings on canvases as they bring joy to her fans.

Madeline Rituno has been a Saratoga Springs resident for 36 years as well. She likes to go for walks in around the city. Madeline enjoys painting and doing arts and crafts. Everyone admires how much her skills have increased.

Kathy Mulvaney has lived in Saratoga Springs for 16 years. She loves spending sunny days in the community. Kathy, too, enjoys arts and crafts and painting collaborative projects. Together, they are creating many impressive pieces.

Tiffany Moccia resided in the Bronx for many years before moving upstate 14 years ago. She is tech-savvy and loves playing games on her iPad. Tiffany shares that painting is relaxing and her pieces show how her creative skills are truly developing.

They painted these as a collaborative initiative.

The pieces are $65 each. For more information or to purchase one of the pieces, please contact                            Art Coordinator Winnie Pino at or call 518.587.0723 ext. 2634.