Quick Support

Web Conference with Confidence!

Make your next web conference a stress free experience by reviewing these videos before your next session.

Encryption 101

Not sure if your email message needs to be encrypted? 

Not sure how to send an encrypted message? 

Take a look at this brief video to see how it’s done.

Let’s Connect!

PC problems? 

Can’t logon to Kronos? 

Don’t see the files you need? 

Call Tech Support first, and we’ll help you set up a remote connection to your computer.  Just follow the steps shown in this short video

Are you getting a Java error when you try to log on to the full version of Kronos?  Just follow the steps outlined in this video to fix the issue.



Where’s the staff list?  Use SharePoint to locate your colleagues.  Here’s how:



Updating case notes using last month’s notes as a template, but you keep losing the original note?  Here’s is one reason this can happen:



Now that you have learned one way to lose your files, take a look at this video to see how to avoid this:



SharePoint is designed for sharing files among members of our organization.  Learn how to do this safely: