Web Posting/E-mail Request Procedure

Web Posting/Email Request Procedure

For all staff postings/mass emails and promotional/advertising materials, flyers, brochures, invitations & posters. Please email:


We will need the following information:
1. Detailed information describing what you would like to be created, posted and/or emailed.
2. Detailed information describing where and when you would like the content to be sent, posted, and/or emailed. This should include any contact information, website links, etc. that are necessary.
3. Attach any photos, logos and graphics that are necessary to be included. If the size of the attachments are too large, please indicate this in the email and other arrangements will be made to transfer data. REMEMBER personal smart phones and tablets are NOT permissible to take photos or videos on.
4. Are additional photos/videos needed?
5. (If submitting photos, video, audio) Have consents been signed?