• Community partners
    Community partners
  • Nurturing relationships
    Nurturing relationships
  • Enriching lives every day
    Enriching lives every day
  • Sharing our vision
    Sharing our vision
  • Imagining my potential
    Imagining my potential
  • Your family, friends, and neighbors
    Your family, friends, and neighbors
  • Every day is full of possibilities
    Every day is full of possibilities
  • Maximizing interests
    Maximizing interests

Making a difference in the lives of others is one of the most rewarding things about working with the people we support.  Many of us have been lucky to be with a person when he/she reaches a goal after conquering a challenge or struggle. These breakthroughs often comprise a “Magic Moment” and only happen because of our staff members’ dedication, encouraging and compassionate care.

Vicky, who lives in one of our homes, is featured with her staff member Lucia Valentine.


Saratoga Bridges has proudly provided the highest level of quality professional services to people with developmental disabilities and their families for more than 55 years.   Our services include a broad range of innovative and effective programs designed to foster independence by promoting their abilities and achievements.  As one of the largest non-profit organizations in Saratoga County, we are committed to ensuring that individuals are able to realize their goals, hopes and dreams.  Our dedicated, conscientious, hard working and specially trained staff members offer person-centered opportunities combined with great compassion for people to work, volunteer, socialize and recreate in the community while leading full, productive and contributing lives.                                                            

Saratoga Bridges’ philosophy is that every day is full of possibilities!