Code Blue Saratoga Springs



Saratoga Springs has created an emergency overnight shelter system, called Code Blue Saratoga.  It is for the homeless on nights when the forecast calls for temperatures below 10 degrees or an expected snowfall of 12 inches or more.  The location of the temporary shelter is St. Peters Church (located at 64 Hamilton St.).

Our Alpha Day Habs have set up a box at the Admin building to collect items for the shelter.  Please consider donating the following they will deliver on Friday.   

 Together, we can make a difference!

Feel free to download the items here.

  • Deodorant, new underwear, backpacks, ear plugs
  • Adult-sized backpacks
  • Large plastic see-through totes
  • Ziploc bags (for storing smaller items)
  • Paper products (silverware, plates, bowls, paper towels, toilet paper)
  • Lysol and cleaning products – white vinegar
  • Garbage bags
  • Case(s) of Nestle Boost or Abbott Ensure nutritional drinks
  • Wet wipes
  • Sharpie markers, Verizon Trac phone cards, bed bug protector pillow cases

Please do not bring:

  • Clothing
  • Blankets and other similar items
  • Shoes and other warm-weather gear