Kind gestures from our individuals!

When the individuals from our Alpha Industries learned of the horrific event in Boston, they felt compelled to create and send get well cards to the victims in 5 Boston hospitals.  They wanted to give the patients hope, raise their spirits and let them know that people from all walks of life and abilities have them in their thoughts and prayers.  They wished everyone a speedy recovery and thanked their entire staff for everything they are doing to improve the victim’s health. 

Julie Jette, Director of Media Relations and Publications at Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children, sent the following note back —

Many thanks to the kind individuals served by Saratoga Bridges for the thoughtful and colorful cards you sent to our patients. They were heartwarming and they reminded our patients and all of us at this difficult time that our neighbors in New York were thinking of us. Our patients found them delightful and were truly touched. Please accept my thanks on their behalf and please let the artists know how much the cards were appreciated and that they did a wonderful job helping others.”

Warm regards,
Julie Jette