‘Bridges to Skidmore’ Graduation

On Monday, December 2 a Graduation Ceremony was held for ‘Bridges to Skidmore’ students in the Murray-Atkins Dining Hall.  Among the 6 newest graduates were (pictured below left to right in the first row — Mary Waters, Deanna Lewandowski and Bridget Henry and in the  back row — John Kenney, Henry Fleuren and Gary Tetrault).  Nine other students received certificates and will continue in this modified college experience.


Check out the attached document that features Saratoga Bridges and Skidmore students!  This was created by Julie Pichardo, the Skidmore Student Coordinator, for this semester’s graduation.

For more information on ‘Bridges to Skidmore’, please review — https://www.saratogabridges.org/programsservices/day-services/bridges-to-skidmore