WSBR facilitates “Valentine’s Day Survey”


WSBR plans to feature programming next week with a Valentine’s Day theme and would like to have their listeners participate. 

Please reply by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10th!

They have created a list of questions below and posted on Survey Monkey they want answered.  After tabulating the responses, they will share the results on the next broadcast.  They want everyone to make sure to tune in with someone they!

To take the survey on the Survey Monkey, just click here.  

If the link doesn’t come through with this request, here is the link:  

People who would prefer to answer & send them to the station’s email, feel free to —

1. Name a saying on a Valentine’s heart candy.

2. Name a popular term of endearment besides “Darling”.

3. What occupation or group of people receives the most valentines, e.g., moms.

4. Name something you associate with Valentine’s day.

5. Name a popular Valentine’s Day gift.

6. Name a popular song with “love” in the title.