Thank you Adirondack Trust Company!

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Our extreme gratitude to Robert Ward, VP of Marketing for the Adirondack Trust Company, who helped coordinate a visit today for Saratoga High School students at the South Broadway branch in Saratoga Springs.   Thanks to Margaret Noel, CFMP Marketing, and Tammy Burke, Human Resource Generalist, who facilitated a tour and incorporated a discussion on:

– Basic banking services
– The various types of accounts
– Understanding interest
– Bank security systems
– Safe deposit boxes

Saratoga High School contracted with Alpha Career Options, our employment program, to help prepare students for transition into the working world upon graduation.  This resulted from the NYS Board of Regents adoption of new credentials for students with disabilities called the New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential in ADKTrust 013June of 2013.  In accordance with this, Jeffrey Maben and Sonya Durrum who are Employment Specialists, began providing a variety of services once or twice a week including but not limited to assessments of each student’s needs, preferences, strengths and skills, identification of post-secondary goals, instruction geared toward CDOS learning standards, and participation in career exploration and work based learning experiences.

Jeffrey and Sonya have 15 years combined experience assisting people with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining positions in the community as well as working with high school students.  They are teaching improved and enhanced skills needed to obtain employment.  In November, their first community outing was to a local Price Chopper to teach the students how to grocery shop.

Thanks again Adirondack Trust — as this further exemplifies your commitment and support to us and to innumerable other organizations.  This chance to learn more about banking has definitely enhanced the student’s lives as they transition into independent members of our community.